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House cleaning


Which activities can be realized by these cleaning ladies ?

charwoman can help you in numerous activities in order to let you to do other things, to have more free and quality time for your familly or yourself. The task she may do are listed below as :


You also can benefit of ecological housework and seasonal housework.

Which are their skills ?

Thanks to our method of recruitment, you will benefit of a high-quality charwoman possessing a big experience cleaning houses and ironing clothes. Tests are realized in order to know if our house cleaning ladies are giving the exact quality we want for your service. We also verify if our cleaning woman have a clean police record.

Which is the price of this service ?

You must know that the sum of this performance is very variable. So, according to the experience of the cleaning lady or of your geographical place, this sum will be given between eighteen and twenty-five euros (around 16,22 pounds to 22,52 pounds).

I learnt that there was a tax deduction for all home services to the person, could I have the right to it for a help at home ?

Yes, absolutely. A tax deduction is granted when one person calls a home help : 50 % of the sums invested for this home help are possibly deductible of your taxes. Of course, you need to live and pay your taxes in France.
Thanks to this deduction, the real amount of this service is up to 9 € or 12,50 € (approximately 8,11 pounds to 11,26 pounds).

If you want to have more informations on this service, you can ask a cost estimate in order to know the actual prices according to your situation and a lot of informations on the provision. This ask is free and without commitment.